K Squared Cupcake
A spicy chai cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting and topped with cinnamon
The Bruges
Irish Car Bomb
French Citron
Lavender London Fog
Caribbean Key Lime
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Our Cupcakes
We take pride in our wide selection of delicious and moist cupcakes. 

Feel free to select from our favorite cupcakes or personalize your own cupcake.

A rich chocolate peanut butter cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting and topped with a chocolate peanut butter candy
An explosion of flavors. A robust chocolate stout cupcake with Irish cream buttercream frosting and topped with chocolate sprinkles
A zesty lemon cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting
A light coconut lavender cupcake with Earl Grey tea frosting and topped with toasted coconut
A delicious coconut lime cupcake with key lime buttercream frosting

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At K Squared Cupcake, we know how hard it is to pick only one flavor of cupcake. Try a selection of sample mini cupcakes before you make a decision. 
Not seeing what you want? Try our Personalized Cupcakes.
India Spice
Outback Campfire
American Summer
A tasty butterscotch cream soda cupcake (marshmallow center) with chocolate marshmallow buttercream frosting and a graham cracker
A scrumptious vanilla cupcake (filled with strawberries) topped with strawberry buttercream frosting
Other Flavors:

Ice Cream Party: Cake batter with sprinkles in an ice cream cone topped with ice cream buttercream frosting

French Quarter Bananas Foster: Just like mama made it! Moist spice cake and banana batter with vanilla buttercream and a flambéed banana

Blueberry Pancake: Homemade blueberry pancake batter with maple syrup buttercream

Other: Vegan and gluten free flavors on request